Skrillex Buys $5 Million Wu Album As Tax Write-Off

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.59.03 So it turns out Skrillex bought that "Wu-Tang" "album" Cilvaringz cobbled together out of acapellas and RXA sample banks and put in a shonky golden box for $5 million, and put it in a music video, so that's basically a $5 million dollar tax write off, right? Amazing. How much you think U-Gd gets from that? $50? $5? And how long till we see Raekwon complaining about it on Youtube? I'm betting a week max.

UPDATE: (via Complex) False alarm, folks. We reached out to Cilvaringz over email, and he stated that Skrillex hasn't bought anything. It was just a bit of forum banter:

"Bro that was a joke, the album is not sold to Skrillex. 
It's only in his new video for the song "Fuck That." I would assume the 
sale of the album would be a grand official announcement, not a simple 
"yup" joking around with forum members we've been talking to for years."