band-02 From Playlouder:

There is nothing in the world that will not get sampled at some point, and probably rapped over by Lil Wayne.

Today's Tragically Inevitable Sample comes courtesy of Scouse Britpoppers Space, whose The female Of The Species (obviously) has shown up as the basis of a new Swizz beats joint, featuring some really weird vocals from Swizzy, and Mister Wayne.

This one's notable for not being a song, per se, more a really weird mash up of that sample, an arpeggio, and some fuzz sounds, with the occasional splash of super-treated and chopped vocals. It is truly weird - whether its any good or not is hardly the point. SPACE GOT SAMPLED!

COP: Swizz Beats ft Lil Wayne - Up In The Club

Via NahRight.