SAMPLEFIGHT: G-Mane's Let's Roll VS Akira The Don's The Joint!

So, you know that G-Mane LP I posted the other day I was going nuts over? Damn, that's a great album. But I nearly fell of my swivel chair when the last song came on. It's called Let's Roll... and it flips exactly the same Tom Petty sample I did on The Joint - from 2005's ATD10 mixtape - in pretty much exactly the same way.

G-Mane's is a bit slower and has different percussion. Naturally, I like mine better - it's got dope-ass scratches and dope ass drums and anyway, it's one of my favourite bootelgs I ever did. That's the one Cee-lo said was dope.

G-Mane's is ill though. I'd love to get hold of the acapella. And I wonder who produced it?

Either way, all praises due to Tom Petty. That's some mean-ass harmonica.

G-Mane - Let's Roll

Akira The Don ft Tom Petty & Method Man - The Joint

Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels