Saigon Lost. Joe Budden Won. That's It.

Budden dropping a Saigon diss track a few weeks after saying he wasn't beefing with anybody seemed to me to be a bit weak. Even if Sai did start it, by running around the place saying he was gonna be Joey up for using his name in a punchline. But hearing Joey's track, then Saigon's response, it is safe to say


Joey's track made valid points about schizophrenic foux-conscious toughboy Saigon, whereas all Saigon could think to do was say "I'm a knock Joey out", then call Joey gay. The call Joey's son gay. Which is pathetic. And proves Joey's points. So Joey wins, and Saigon looks like a great big DOUCHE. Sorry Sai. You lost.

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden - Letter To Saigon

DOWNLOAD: Saigon feat. Prodigy - Under-Achiever

Via Nahright.