Rolf Harris Reportedly Arrested As Part Of Operation Yewtree

Bleeding Cool reports that "Australian cartoonist Rolf Harris, who became one of Britain’s best known entertainers, has been reportedly arrested as part of the Operation Yewtree investigations on suspicion of sexual offenses.

Today the British press are reporting that an 82 year old man living in Berkshire was arrested, theAustralian press have named him as Australian and the Daily Star On Star journalist Tom Savage has named the individual as Harris."

Rolf Harris was first questioned as part of Operation Yewtree last November . Curiously "the news" chose not to report on it, despite there being no legal reason not to.

I was reminded of a queer incident from 12 years ago, when I was writing for PlayLouder (RIP). A press officer friend of mine had told me about an old acquaintance of his who said he'd burgled Rolf Harris' house and found a box of child porn. I included this anecdote, along with another about The Chuckle Brothers fondling each others' balls beneath a cafe table, in my weekly column. Not long after the article went live (and remember this was before Google alerts) we were contacted by Rolf's lawyers who threatened to go nuclear and destroy us unless we took it down immediately.

I was rapped on the knuckles, and the article was deaded. The Chuckle Brothers never got in touch.

EDIT (July 4 2014): 13 years later, Harris has been charged with four counts of making indecent images of children

EDIT 2  (July 4 2014): Following the publication of this post, I was contacted (again) by Harris' lawyers, demanding I take the article down, and threatening me with libel. I ignored it, heard nothing else, and about a year later he was convicted on 12 counts of indecent assault, along with the aforementioned indecent images charges.

Rolf Harris lawyers' letter