Rick Ross Has DJ Vlad Beat Like Gong. Vlad Sues.

From Playlouder:

Wow. Rick Ross seems to have been trying really hard to get his "BAWSS" image back, after the world found out he used to be a C.O..

Last week Ross had some of his goons batter poor defenceless DJ Vlad, a man famous for making bootlegs of Biggie records and stuff. The DJ and the rapper were in Houston for the Ozone Awards ceremony, where, according to Vlad, Ross lured the rapper to a meeting where he had him smashed up into bits (Seven stitches below one of his eyes, a corneal abrasion, three facial fractures and possible nerve damage). Vlad is filing a $4 million lawsuit now. Pow!

“Rick Ross orchestrated a brutal attack upon DJ Vlad, carried out at his direction by his accomplices, in retribution for media coverage of Rick Ross’ prior life as a correctional officer,” Vlad’s attorney Brian Caplan told to MTV.

According to the DJ's complaint letter, Ross "lured DJ Vlad to a meeting for the purpose of obtaining retribution" after initially making contact with a text message sent on August 10th reading: "Niggas will learn... trillaaa."

That is pretty fucking funny on it's own, as you can hear the voice of the Bawss reading it out in your head. If you listen to Rick Ross records. Like me.

Vlad replied with a "who the fuck is this" and got: "Ross... im hearing things."


A phone call from the Bawss followed.

"I've been hearing things about me on your website," said he. "We gonna make a story... We going to see each other... We going to talk...Where are you?"

Foolishly Vlad agreed to meet Ross on the 2nd floor of the Hilton Americas. Alone! What a fool! I wouldn't have done that. I'd have got me mate Big Narstie. He'd flatten him. (And no, Narstie's not a mate of Ross'. Booya!)

Anyway. Vlad walks in, and there's rawss doing his best Godfather impression, cigar in face, shades, all that. "We got beef," he drawls, and sets four dudes on the poor DJ.

Vlad is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages.

Get money brother!