Rev Petitions Form 696

36a_29_reverend-243x253 From Playlouder:

Jon 'The Reverend' McClure has set up a petition over at, the official website of the Prime Minister's Office, protesting the use of Form 696, an ugly piece of paper that basically stops people like Big Narstie putting on gigs.

Mcclure calls the form "racial discrimination", which it is, since it is used for "risk assessment of gigs", asking for details of the ethnicity of music fans set to attend events, plus the style of music that will be played. Hence Big Narstie's raves getting raided and shut down before they open, and that sort of thing.

Even born-again Neo Labour stooge / head of music industry representation umbrella group UK Music Feargal Sharkey doesn't get down with the thing. he reported the use of the form to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and has called for a judicial review into its use.

The petition is over at