Red Ice Creations and Thomas Sheridan On Russell Brand Revolution And The Terror Of Socialism

The rigorous thinkers over at Red Ice take apart the interview that shook the internets, specifically the aspect of it that irked me, Brand's ill thought and doomed solution of "admin bods" and socialism. As I said already, I agree with him on not cosigning a corrupt system by engaging in it by voting for an infinity of identikit slaves to the corporatocracy, but I do not believe the solution is "admin bods" for the same reason I think The Venus Project is a bad idea - who decides who these "Admin Bods" are? Who stops them turning into predatory swine once the inevitable corruption of power gets under way? And I certainly do not believe it is socialism, atop which there is still the same elite of predatory assholes. At least under capitalism I can make songs and sell T Shirts.

However, I do not agree with Learned Henrick that a person can't call for change without first having come up with that change, and I think that more people considering an existence outside the very limited one we currently know is a good thing. As ever, Don't Jump Off.