Raekwon Punches Joe Budden In The Eye

joebudden "live by the blog die by the blog" Bruh Mane from the FIF FLOOR, 2009

Actually, it was one of his peoples. Still. Superlame. Apparently Rae and ten of his dudes just ran into Joe Budden's trailer at Rock The Bells and punched him in the eye.

Naturally Joe Budden got straight on his BlogTV channel.  He's still there now, accusing Method Man of being "a couple of sandwiches short," and Rae of "faggot moves".

Joe says Rae "threatened Mickey Factz" as well. WHY?!?!?!

"This is gonna end bad." says Joe.


Sheeeet. Remeber what Rae said to me when I spoke to him?

“It’s important to be yourself, but you’ve got to watch your mouth who you talk about because you never know, you know what I mean? We’re the type of niggas, we don’t give a fuck about that, we might approach you if we see you somewhere and really get at you. I don’t want to start no negative shit, but I ain’t wary of approaching niggas who get out of line”.