"Students Smash Tory HQ": The Russian Perspective, And The Insider's Perspective

[v u="MmudJafnQh0" t="Rabid Students Smash Tory HQ: The Russian Perspective"] From Russia Today:

Tens of thousands of students marched through London on Wednesday against plans to triple university tuition fees, and violence erupted as a minority battled police and trashed a building containing the headquarters of the governing Conservative Party. Organisers said 50-thousand students, lecturers and supporters demonstrated against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to 9-thousand pounds a year - three times the current rate - in the largest street protest yet against the government's sweeping austerity measures.

Technically it was not Tory HQ they smashed at all, as that is on the third floor. Sadly, my mate and her colleague's got the brunt of it - verbally and physically - and they work in a cut ravaged quango downstairs.

"We're on the first floor and the tories are on the third," she said in an email this afternoon, "but we're the ones copping all the missiles cos the students are crap at throwing!"

Of course, it was nice to see students standing up for themselves, finally (if it was students and not infiltrators). But they should check who they're talking to before they call them "cunts." Regardless, I don't think some smashed windows compare to the devastation this foul coalition intends to wreak on our kids' futures, and the "reporting" I saw on the BBC earlier was fucking shameful.


BJ just found this: