Preemo's Top 20 LPs Of 08!

premo-dj-premier-vector Every year, the legendary DJ premier presents his Top 20 LPs Of The Year. This year is just like the last, um, bunch. Only he did it on a blog, rather than the rayjo.

"Be Glad or Be Mad!" says Preemo. Ch ch ch ch ch-ch check it out!

20. Ill Bill - The Hour of Reprisal (Yes!) 19. 88-Keys - The Death of Adam (Yes!) 18. EPMD - We Mean Business (I never heard this!) 17. Craig G & Marley Marl - Operation Take Back Hip-Hop (This neither!) 16. Ice Cube - Raw Footage (I thought this was so banging I gave it a grayte review for The Quietus!) 15. Q-Tip - The Renaissance (No!) 14. Guilty Simpson - Ode to the Ghetto (No hear!) 13. Termanology - Politics as Usual (Yes I played this once but I did like it but not enough to play it twice! Sheeet! Maybe I plays it again now, huh?) 12. Big Shug - Otherside of the Game (Rah!) 11. Ludacris - Theater of the Mind (Kinda!)

Sheeeeeet! That was the first ten! Who's next? Nas? Wayne? Nelly?! Leeeeeet's gooooooooo!

10. Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) (I never huuuurd this!) 09. Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III (This I also gave a good review!) 08. The P Brothers - The Gas (Who be P bros?) 07. eMC - The Show (sheeeet!) 06. Jake One - White Van Music (Urrrrr!) 05. D.I.T.C. - The Movement (YES!) 04. Scarface - Emeritus (SUPER YES!) 03. Statik Selektah - Stick 2 the Script (I will listen to this i promise with my mouth and fingers!) 02. Evidence - The Layover EP (Pleeeease!) 01. DJ Revolution - King of the Decks (What? Damn! That I know nothing of this means Primo will think i am a massive strap on DOUCHE! BUGGER!)

Oh well. I'm sort of cool, I suppose. Primo, let's make a song! It will be about how great we are! COME ON! No one does that shit! No like WE DO!

The DJ Preemo blog notes that "artists DJ Premier wanted in top 20, but didn't made it but mentioned: GZA, Reks, Devin the Dude, Large Pro, Nas, Prodigy, Trick Trick, Young Maylay, The Game, Black Milk, Torae and Vast Aire."

Charles Hamilton's prolly crying.