Perez Hilton VS The Black Eyes Peas: When Other People's Drama Whups You In The Face

Here's Perez Hilton being very upset about getting stepped to over some of his bitchy comments ("Fergie, you're a fugly bitch!" etc).

Basically Fergie and Will.I.Am asked Mr Perez to stop writing bitchy things about them on his website. So Perez called Will.I.Am "a fag". TO HIS FACE!

Then someone (Will says a fan, Perez says Will's manager and that Will is a big fat liar) punched Perez in the face.

Perez was very surprised by this.

And "afraid".

So Perez called the cops. Who said they had actual emergencies to deal with. So Perez "took to Twitter."

"I like writing about other people's drama," says Perez. "I don't want drama in my own life."

Dude! You make a living out of saying mean things about people! How can you be surprised when someone objects to that? Physically or non? Seriously! Duuuuuuuuuuude!

And the Black Eyes Peas can't expect people not to say bitchy thing about them in public when they are, um, in public. THE GIFT AND THE CURSE!

Bascially, you are all crazy stoopid.

EDIT: Police have charged Will's manager, Polo Molina. Looks like Will IS a big fat liar! Or is he? OOOOW!