Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler & NLP - Scientology For Capitalists?

After lunch, we split into small groups to practise NLP techniques on each other. I pair up with Vish, who runs a property company in the Midlands. "What did I miss yesterday?" I ask.

"It was great," he says. "We did anchoring. Let me show you how it works." Vish moves his chair closer to mine. "How are you enjoying your time here?" he asks me.

"OK," I say.

Vish pokes my elbow. "Brilliant!" he says. "Did you have a good lunch?"

"It was all right," I say.

Vish prods my elbow again. "Fantastic!' he says. "Have you got kids?"

"A son," I say.

"Did you have fun with him last weekend?" he asks.

"Yes, I did," I say.

Vish pokes my elbow. "Brilliant!" he says. "Now. Did you notice what I was doing?"

"You were poking my elbow every time I expressed positive feeling," I say.

"Exactly!" says Vish, though he looks peeved that I spotted the poking, which is supposed to be so subtle as to exist only on the unconscious level.

"Now," says Vish, "when I want to sell you something, I'll touch your elbow and you'll associate that touch with good feeling and you'll want to buy. That's deep psychology." Vish pauses. "What I really like about NLP is how it can hypnotise and manipulate people - but in a good way."

Read the rest, it's nuts.