Palin VS Biden

Q: Who was your favourite member of the A-Team?

Palin: Well, (Shit eating grin), what with John McCain being a maverick, and me being part of a team of mavericks, and a Mom, around a kitchen table, with a maverick special needs child, we need to be maverick energy independents and lay more pipe, and win our bipartisan wars, and love America, like back in the day, and Barrack Obama wants to tax small businesses and spend trillions of dollars and kill jobs, so shout out to the girls down at TGI Fridays, whoooooo!

Biden: Face.


This whole thing is so fucking surreal. That harpie didn't answer ONE question. Or stop leering. Or make any cotdang sense. Props for Biden for calling Cheney out, after that crazy cracker ass cracker demanded more VP powers (presumably to get a sweeter office). No props for the panderish warmongering. SMH at this mess, as they say on the rap blogs.