Over 100,000 Fish And Bird Deaths Follow "Mystery Earthquakes" In Arkansas

That anchor is amazing. "COULD IT BE THE APAWCLAYPSE?!"

Weird shit though Bubba.

From Disinfo:

In addition to the thousands of blackbirds that fell from the sky on New Year’s Eve, it’s gets even weirder: 100,000 dead fish were found floating in the Arkansas River just days before. (UPDATE: Hundreds more birds were found dead in Louisiana today).

The Christian Science Monitor writes:

The deluge of dead red-winged blackbirds, grackles, and starlings that fell out of the skies over Beebe, Ark., on New Year’s Eve in all likelihood has a simple scientific explanation. Yet genuine concern spread quickly through the town of about 5,000 on New Year’s Eve, and understandably so, as environmental cleanup workers in white jumpsuits descended on Beebe on New Year’s Day to pick up thousands of dead birds from roads and walkways.

The main worry was that the birds, like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, were an indicator of a toxic threat – a possibility that has largely been ruled out. Yet the event spooked residents near and far as, in the absence of a final explanation, imaginations are running wild. People have tried to link the bird die-off — which is certainly unusual, though not unprecedented — to everything from a sign of biblical end times to chemical conspiracies, shifts in the Earth’s magnetic core, and even proof of UFOs.

CNN reports that the birds likely died from "massive trauma." Massive truama was reported as recently as December, specifically Arkansas' rash of mysterious earthquakes.

In Guy, Arkansas, there have been reported numerous earthquakes. The Arkansas Geological Survey is trying to unravel the seemingly mysterious cause of the quakes.

The small community of Guy has 549 residents and is north of Little Rock. It has experienced an almost constant shaking from a large series of measurable earthquakes, since Sep. 20, 2010. The last reported number of quakes during that period was 487.

In one morning alone the area had 15 quakes, including a 3.1 (magnitude) as reported from geohazards supervisor for the Geological Survey, Scott Ausbrooks.

Most people don't think of Arkansas when earthquakes come to mind. Although earthquakes are not unusual in the Southeast state, the current frequency is unusual.

"This time last year we had 39 quakes total for the entire state," said Ausbrooks, according to information from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Ausbrooks says the state Geological Survey has no idea whether the current swarm is a natural or man-made event, but his office is seriously exploring the latter. "We see no relation to the drilling in the area, but we haven't ruled out a connection to the salt water disposal wells," he said.

Ausbrooks said drillers inject waste water into the earth at high pressure, and in the area around the town the disposal wells go as deep as 12,000 feet. He points to incidents in Colorado in the 1960s at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, where deep water injection was tied to earthquakes.

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