Back! New year, new series, new title! Yes, ladies and Gs, every other Friday (fingers crossed), akirathedon.com will be bringing you a SPECIAL GUEST MIX! OH! WHAT A GLORIOUS MIX! Shout out CannibalisticKoala for blessing us with the title in the competition we ran recently... email me your address - akirathedon at gmail.com - and prizes will be yours!

We have some very exciting mixes in the pipeline, but never mind that... right here, right now, we have the bearded wonder ROB HYDE presenting a very special, very awesome, and most importantly, VERY MOTIVATIONAL mix of his favourite songs from MOVIE MONTAGE SEQUENCES! Yes!



Says Rob: "It's perfect for doing cocaine in the gym to, or for training intensively over a period of 6 months, whatever floats your boat."

Click here to download.

Tracklisting: You're the Best - Joe Esposito (Karate Kid OST) The Touch - Stan Bush (Transformers Movie OST 1986) Sister Christian - Night Ranger (Boogie Nights OST) Fight to Survive - Stan Bush (Bloodsport OST) Dangerzone - Kenny Loggins (Top Gun OST) Push it to the Limit - Giorgio Moroder / Paul Engemann / Pete Bellotte (Scarface OST) Glory of Love - Peter Cetera (Karate Kid 3 OST) Montage - (Team America:World Police OST)

Rob Hyde is a world renowned DJ, who Londeners can often find side by side with the legendary Disastronaut at Brixton's Dogstar on Friday nights. I first met Rob Hyde in Manchester in 2002. He is a co-founder of the legendary CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING collective, and had been smart enough to book Crack Village for a show at Manny's Night And Day. I do believe we tore the roof off. (And when me they had me back to do my first up north Akira The Don show I LITERALLY tore the roof off, but that's another story).

Rob occasionally blogs about London's buildings mixed up with yacht rock over at www.morechipswitheverything.tumblr.com, and he spends a lot of time sharing dead good links and being a sarky gitbag at www.twitter.com/rob_hyde

So there you go! Pow! What did you think? Did you enjoy it? Where you motivated? Who would you like to see do a future OH WHAT A GLORIOUS MIX? Let us know!