Odd Future In The Lab With The Neptunes


This made me well up. I am emotional today.

This is what Tyler said about the thing:

Fuck. i Was With My Idol Yesterday. it Just Fucking Hit Me. FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!!! To Know That He’s A Fucking Huge Fan Is Fucking Crazy. My Heart Was Beating So Fucking Fast. I Almost Passed Out. That Nigga Said ” You Good T?” From The Other Room. I Was Like “Y..Y Yeah!”. Fuck. He Called Me T. ( no homo) Then We Made Like 2 Beats. He Kept Looking At Me For Approval With Ever Chord Or Drum He Plays Like ” Is That The One?” Fucking Crazy. Like, I Have Every Poster And Magazine And Everything Since 2002. To See Dude In Person Was Like Meeting God To Some. I Told Him ISO Was The Greatest Album Of All Time. He Was Shocked. Call It Dick Riding If You Want. Cuh Shaped My Life, I Didnt Have Pops Around So He Took That Spot. Don’t Give A Fuck, You Were At Home.