Obama + Muslim + Terrorist

Dear David:

Wait. Wait. This just came to me. What if the cover was NOT of Barack Obama, but of John McCain and the image was from a Vietnam POW camp and the North Vietnamese were torturing him. Knocking his teeth out and water-boarding him.

It could be an ironic commentary about how SOME feel about our OWN tactics during this war, right, and therefore extremely, extremely, funny.

Can't wait to go to work,


Dear Barry:

I'm sorry, but your last email really offended me. Can you imagine how John McCain's kids might react to such a cover filled with hateful imagery? Can you imagine how Republicans would react if we tried to get a laugh out of the Senator's pain?

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

Look, just go with a cover of Barack and Michelle Obama in the Oval Office. He's in Kenyan garb and she looks like a militant, gun toting black radical. Put a burning American flag in the fireplace and a photo of Osama Bin Laden above the hearth.

You know... subtle... non-inflammatory.

Because, in the end, we can't take a chance that we would stir up hate.


Daily Kaos.

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