NOSTALGIA: Catch - Bingo

Wow, Britpop, you gave us this! An Ridonculous Pop Song, wherein a seventeen year old public school boy goes to Soho to lose his virginity and gets ripped off in a brothel!

They were gonna be hugem you know. Raygun, heed!

Wanna know what lead-singing pulic school brothel creeper Toby's doing now?

He's "blending wild, clattering drums and percussion with acerbic lyrics and chanting backing vocals," in a band called Tough Love, who "have been described by The Guardian as "the Afrobeat Scissor Sisters" and by Flavorpill as "tribal pop ambassadors"". He's also wearing lots of make up and calling himself "Tobias". Fuck!

My little brother Alexander reminded me of this. He loved them. I think I liked this song too. I think I bought it!