Nike About To Drop Actual Back To The Future Shoes? From:

It looks like Nike is actually going to introduce the Air Mag shoes from Back to the Future, Part II. The screen shot above is from a video posted by DocEmmettBrown88 (get it?) and while the shoes you’re looking at are probably renders, the viral campaign to promote them is certainly real, as thatNiceKicks has been reporting. It has been short, though, starting last night and leading up to a Nike press conference at 8:30 pm Pacific. Nike actually already has a patent for “footwear with an automatic lacing system,” which helps make this all seem more likely than it would otherwise.

Sometimes you look at your phone or your insanely thin television and think “Man, we’re living in the future.” Only, deep down, you know it’s not true. Not true because you don’t have self-lacing shoes. Assuming Nike isn’t just blowing smoke here, we think we can tell you that tomorrow is the future.

Doc Brown’s video is after the break, as is a quick video of Marty McFly putting Air Mags on.

More proof that creatives have much responsibility, as they invent much of the world in which we live. Personally it's the hoverboard thing that gets in the way of my future livin', but still...