NEW MOZ! He's Throwing His Arms Around Paris! Yikes!

fred-phelps-1 New Moz! New Moz!

Sounds like Moz.

Smells like Moz.

Has a sample at the start. of a car engine. No one ever talks about how much Moz likes sampling, but he does. His best stuff has samples in it, ever since that one about The Queen being dead. Probably before. I can't remember. Anyway.

This is I'm throwing My Arms Around Paris. It's about Ms Hilton, obviously. It was written by the Random Moz Lyrics generator, obviously. Forsooth!

"Nobody needs my love! Nobody wants my love! Only stone and steel accept my love!"

Yes. Quite.

I quite like it actually. it's from the forthcoming Years Of Refusal LP, obviously, out in the second week of February on Attack/Lost Highway. Wasn't that Trent Reznor's label?

PS - that picture is the first thing that camer up when I did a Google Images search for Years Of Refusal. wowzers.