New Aidan Moffat Sex Column

Aidan Moffat's written another sex adive column for The Quietus!

Check it.

Dear Aidan,

my man is a rugby player, really buff and macho and really dominant in bed. Obviously I love our rough and wild times, but recently I've not been able to stop imagining him getting it on with some of the other guys from his team. Should I tell him about my fantasy? I'm finding it hard to think about anything else,

Christine P.

I don’t know, Christine. Is he the kind of man who’s happy to entertain such ideas? Because there can’t be many bi-curious rugby players in the world, can there? I’m pretty certain, however, that he’ll be only too happy to consider the possibility of you with another girl, so why not mention that first then slowly and casually lead up to suggesting that you like the idea of him with other men? Take your time and if he reacts well, you can gradually build up to revealing your desire to watch him get buggered hard by the whole team in the changing rooms while you watch. Maybe the team could form a bum-chain with your boyfriend at the top while he’s fucking you? You’d be pulling a train, as it were. Just a thought.