Nas And Damian Marley Recording LP!

Hey! Good news!

"Nas is currently in the studio with Damian “Junior Gong” Marley," reports XXL. "In an interview with MTV News the Queens-bred rapper seemed very excited about his collaboration with the son to Reggae legend Bob Marley. “Right now, I’ll tell you first, I’m working on an album with Damian Marley, and we tryin’ to build some schools in Africa with this one, and trying to build empowerment,” he revealed. “We’re tryin’ to show love and stuff with this album. So, the record’s … all about really the ‘hood and Africa also as well. That’s coming out real soon.”

This I consider to be very promising. it is a little known fact that the rcord I was bumping the most whilst recording When We Were Young out in New York was his Welcome To Jamrock LP. Saying that, the Nas joint wasn't the best track on there. but still...