N-Dubz' Tulisa Has Swine Flu? Blame Rummy.

No Piggy In The Middle Jokes right now thank you. I just read that everybody's favourite memeber of N-Dubz that isn't Dappy is being tested for Rumsfled Swine Flu in greece.

The lead singer from chart-toppers N-Dubz is being treated in a Greek hospital for a suspected case of swine flu, the band's manager confirmed.

Tulisa Contostavlos, 20, from north London, was taken to hospital in Athens after being taken ill on a flight to the country on Thursday.

So sayeth the Press Association.

Rah though, it's all well and good calling it Rumsfeld Flu - he is, after all, dictionary definition SWINE, and sick to boot... but did I mention Rummy's last crack at a Swine Flu pandemic?

I shall quote Lisa Parsons, from a review of "Crab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human Health," by William Sargent, from 2002.

"The Rumsfeld [connection to Swine Flu] starts in 1976, when a military recruit in New Jersey died from a flu that experts speculated might be the swine flu virus of 1918 pandemic fame. As Sargent tells it, Rumsfeld, who was then and is again the nation's secretary of defense, made the imminent swine flu a political issue to add some spark to the campaign of President Ford, an interim leader without a cause. At Rumsfeld's urging, the administration would ensure that "every man, woman and child" was vaccinated. Huge amounts of vaccine were produced and distributed quickly.

Some batches were contaminated... Six hundred people sickened and 52 died. The program was stopped a month after the election. And nobody got swine flu. It was "modern medicine's most flagrant miscalculation." How will the United States protect itself against bioterrorism?? The Department of Defense proposes 40 million new doses of smallpox vaccine. Sargent is concerned about the possibility of bacterial contamination in vaccines that are rushed to market, and suggests that such contamination might have been behind adverse reactions to the vaccine in the past. [Rumsfeld] is one of the architects of the present campaign."

So, if Tulisa gots the Swine AIDS, all of you N-Dubz fanatics know who to blame merk. GO TEAM!

And, in good news, she's at number one, along with Tinchy Stryder and her boys. So that's something. Get well soon Tulisa!