MUSIC: Sage Francis - Sick Of Wasting

sagefrancis_sickofwasting_LRG Sage has made his new mixtape available as a free download. How nice!

Says Sage:

I wasn't sure if I would ever release another mix of this sort after the last one, but it's been a couple years since my last official album and I've accumulated a large number of "left over" tracks that never found their way onto an official album. I also opened up the 4-track vault this year and was able to unearth some solid material that dates back to 1996.

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1) Strange Fame (2009) 2) S.A.G.E. Bastard (prod. by Buck 65, 2009) 3) I Trusted You (beat by Buck 65, 2009) 4) Needle (beat and scratches by Buddy Peace, 2009) 5) House of Bees (feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buck 65, 2009) 6) Jaw of Steel (beat and scratches by Reanimator, 2009) 7) If I Go To Hell (demo, 1997) 8) Conspiracy to Riot (beat & scratches by Reanimator, 2008) 9) Be a Star (beat by Buck 65, 2007) 10) Sea Legs (feat. B. Dolan & Sleep. Scratches by Buddy Peace. Additional vocals by Jared Paul and Curtis Plum. Beat by Aupheus, 2009.) 11) Flashback 96 (home recording, 1996) 12) Masturbate Your Brain (AOI demo, 1997) 13) SFR Pays Dues (feat. B. Dolan & Prolyphic, 2008) 14) Pump (beat and scratches by Buddy Peace & Reanimator, 2009) 15) Revenge of the Ogre (interlude w/ Trinity) 16) Who Farted? part 1 (courtesy of XAUL ZAN)

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