MUSIC: Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

index_r1_c3 After touring America and going mental like so many people do, Lady Sovereign is BACK! With a new look (Mel B phase 2) a new sound (whatever was trendy this Summer) and a new song - I Got You Dancing, available now as a free download from her website.

Featuring an autotune hook, and a robotune pre hook, Sov is using all the Waves and Antares created plug-ins she can find, in an effort to make music that is popular. Go Sov!

Electro bassline? Check! Timbo clickety drums? Check! Aforementioned vocal engineering software? CHECK! Hardly any rapping? Check! Hit?

Well.... I don't know. I can't say I like it. I've tried - I do like Sov (that Tango tune still bangs!), and wish her well. But this is not for me. It sounds like bad Maths.

DOWNLOAD: Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing