Music and Mood: How Businesses Take Advantage of Humans' Reaction To Tunes

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 14.46.50 The power of music has sent men to war, inspired phenomenal works of art and literature, and soundtracked trillions of important moments in the everyday lives of normal people. Music is part of what makes us, so it comes as no surprise that it can alter our mood and perception, each tune and song making us feel slightly different when it's played. As one might imagine, businesses have long understood the effects of music on mood, but how exactly is the theory put in to practice?

We've all been in a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon. Endless clothes rails, bright lighting, screaming children; malls can be rather tedious places at the best of times. That's why business owners will often pump in calm and soothing music into their stores to keep customers in a cool, positive frame of mind that puts one at ease, facilitating the spending of cash. In trendy stores, lively pop music and chilled dance will often be heard, mainly because store owners want you to feel cool, contemporary and part of the brand that is being promoted in the store.

Now of course if you don't like the idea of businesses subconsciously altering your perception of what is around you, online shopping and playing is the best bet. Here you can pop on whichever tracks you enjoy listening to and browse in peace, although if you're playing some free spins on a gaming site such as SlotoCash, we'd recommend some big band classics - you want to feel like you're in Vegas, after all! Still though, trying to escape the subversive uses of music can be an incredibly difficult task.

You know that bouncy, somewhat aggressive house music they play in the main floor of your gym or during classes? That's there to pump you up, to make you push for that illusive burn! Thanks to the driving beats in gym music, keeping up with your routine is made far easier

Music's uses even extend to when you're having a bite to eat. If you're dining in a trendy chain eatery or a fast food joint, you'll likely hear the same kind of lively music that might be heard in a gym. These restaurants don't want customers to take up tables for a long period of time, and the fast paced music is likely to make you eat, and leave, faster. On the flip side, the twinkling piano music and arias played in classier establishments is used to make the atmosphere as relaxed and luxurious as possible.

Music is all around us, but do you know of any other situations when certain genres of music are used to build brands or fatten profits? Let us know below.