MUSIC: 50 Cent - War Angel LP

war-angel A good day for free rap albums! Sage just dropped his, and, bang on time, 50 drops the War Angel LP. Meanwhile, Charles Hamilton had been promising his fans he'd drop his album as "the first Interscope sanctioned free download ever" on June 16th. Didn't happen. Add that to the fail list. Ah vey.

DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent - War Angel LP


STREAM: 50 Cent - Talking In Codes


1. “I Line Niggas” 2. “Talking in Codes” 3. “OK, Alright” 4. “Redrum (Murder)” 5. “Cream 2009″ 6. “I’ll Do Anything” 7. “London Girl” 8. “Better Come On Your A Game” 9. “Get the Message” 10. “Cocaine” Ft Robin Thicke
11. “I Gotta Win”

BONUS: 50 talking about the LP on Funk Flex's show.