MTV Snubs Eminem In Their Top Ten Hottest MCs List

So, MTV just dropped their Hottest MCs list. It went thusly:

#10: Raekwon #9: 50 Cent #8: Fabolous #7: Young Jeezy #6: Gucci Mane #5: Rick Ross #4: Kanye West #3: Drake #2: Lil Wayne #1: Jay-Z

Big up Rae! The cries across the wires though: Rick Ross is hotter than Eminem? Man, the internets are going NUTS! And I quote:

man fucc these niggas Em has Bodied all 4 of these niggas Bodied Jay-Z and his Gay ass Lil brother Nas had an album Named Nigga come out and go gold and Nas TI Ludacris Kid Cudi and Eminem not on there I can see not seeing one but all 5 not on there fuck this list I would spit in Buttahman Face for bithing about 50 being on this list and not having em on here at all somebody´╗┐ mad at the interscope brand~ The Internets, 2009

And so on and so on. I'm waiting for Joe Budden to drop a video crying about it. Well, not waiting, obviously. I do have real things to look forward to you know. Anyway, one should remember that this is a "hottest" list, so it should be regarded as if it were the opinion of Paris Hilton. Which it may well be.