Mr T, Suffering A Fool (Letterman)

Damn, Letterman can be a dick sometimes. I realise he has to do a job. But still. Mr T is doing some serious fool suffering here.

"You gonna go on vacation?"

"There's no rest for the weary."

Look on dude's face! Wow.

"I'll go up in the stand and hurt that guy. If you wanna play games you better get some toys..."


Cheers Colin for the headsup. Dude's written some stuff about the Joaquin/Letterman thang over here. Like this:

What stuck with me more so than anything Joaquin had to say was Letterman’s attitude towards him, I watch Letterman occasionally and his shtick has never really resonated in a pleasant way with me. He has this undeserved air of superiority towards anyone that is in any way outside of the plastic starlet demographic...

Say word!