More G Unit Fuckery

From Playlouder:

G Unit member 40 Glocc is picking up 50's sweaty baton and engaging in the time honoured tradition of "beef" with his massah's foes, presumably in order to get his album, currently residing on Interscope's big dusty ole shelf, a release date.

Last month Glocc and similarly-release-less G Unit Crip Spider Loc and a bunch of their Crip mates surrounded a car that Lil Wayne was in and sort of pushed it about a bit, took some photos and got on the cover of shit rap rag Hip Hop Weekly (so proud of this is 40, he's got it plastered all over his Myspace page). The week later Mr Glocc stole Wayne protege and all around non-gangsta nice-boy Tyga's chain, and bragged about it a lot.

BUT! Dude has a reason for this, other than getting offa that shelf!

The proud Crip is unhappy with Wayne and Cash Money CEO Baby's claimed Bloods status.

"These niggas be wolfin' all that Blood shit and dissin' Crips," said he. "When Baby started gang bangin', at 52? And Lil' Wayne started gang bangin' at twenty-somethin'. These niggas got the audacity to be dissin' a whole culture they don't know nothin' about!"

Glocc is claiming Baby's put a hit on him as well.

"Go 'head put the price on it," he said, defiantly. "Now I'm gon' beat the breaks off their asses when I see them again. We kill each other over a color so what you think we'll do to them over dissin' us?"

Unsurprisingly, he had words for ex-G Unit types Young Buck and The Game too.

"Fuck these niggas wit' the fake Crippin' and Bloodin'," he said. "That nigga Buck be fake Crippin'. I call him, Game and Wayne "the Three Amigos."

Wow. Dissed.