Milk & Cheese Are Coming Back!

milk and cheese One of my favourite comic books ever is a book called Milk & Cheese, by Evan Dorkin. Its basically about two alcoholic dairy products with strong opinions dishing out Perfect Justice on the unworthy. There have only been 7 issues, and the last one came out about ten years ago.

So it was with great excitement that I read the following, from Evan's twitter the other day:


The picture he's linking to is that one at the top of the post. No change in M&C land then, praise Jah.

SO! I guess a whole bunch of you have never read a Milk & Cheese strip. MORE FOOL YOU BUBBA! Still, never let it be said that I am mean. Here's that one where they Beat Up On old Folks, as collected in the classic Fun With Milk And Cheese trade. ENJOYO!