Method Man Is Disgusted By Kelis And Her Ilk

So, Method Man heard about Nas getting hit with a $Stupid Bux a month child support trap. And a nerve was struck.

"50,000 a month?!" raged Meth. "That's some bullshit! $50,000 a month for some pussy? For real man! All you did was fuck your man. The kid don't need that much money to survive and shit! You tryin' to maintain your lifestyle! The court system is geared more towards the women than the men... even father's day... what them kids don't understand is, that air they're breathing, the lights, the cable, the mortgage, all that fall on daddy's shoulders! Not to mention that he gotta pay this stinkin' ass bitch that he don't even fuck with no more to look good for some other nigga. That shit is ridiculous man. And any chick that's doing that shit you dead fuckin' wrong... 'can't put a price on what I do,' yes you can motherfucker, they call it maid service."

(He took that last bit back afterwards.)

"What the fuck are you gonna do with 55 goddamn grand a month?" demands Redman. "What the fuck is that shit man?"

"It's because of y'all deadbeat ass fathers leaving these kids with like nine, ten kids and and they struggling man," concludes Mef. "My mother aint never hit my father up for a dime and they was married...  If we starve we starve together man."

For the record, Kelis will actually be getting $30,741 (£18,620) a month in spousal support and $9,027 (£5,470) a month to raise their son. Still. DAMN Nas.