akira the don matryoshka  

London! Tonight you will witness a rap show along with a cotdurned live brain scan! AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! See inside the mind of a polymath rap superhero as he entertains you with song!

DOORS are at 7:30! Don on at 9:30! You are advised to come early though cos all the other stuff is mad cool! There's a dude in a cage for example! A genuine cage! I seed it! It's hardcore! Also half a boat! AMAZING!

Details and tickets here. I hope you like that Terry Gilliam inspired artwork I made especially.

"Only you fam," screamed Narstie on the phone earlier. "Only you would get a fucking brain scan at a show, you are the only one in the world that is PEAK."

Which is true. Speaking of which, I helped heal some wounds last night.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 00.17.43


The initial tweet referred to this highly illuminating video, which I wrote about a little while back:

Mr Rowntree, who started professional politicking a few years ago, coincidentally felt the need to speak on the matter on his blog. Some have questioned the authenticity of his apology, also the "I was addicted to cocaine in the 90s" excuse, since the incident happened in 2003 when Dave was supposedly super-sober and they kicked Grahame Coxon out the band for being not sober. Speaking from my own experience I have done cocaine and I never turned into a bullying asshole whilst under its influence (loudmouth asshole perhaps), and I've never heard much in the way of anecdotal evidence of cocaine being some magical elixir that turns otherwise perfectly lovely people into fratboy scumbags who ridicule and physically assault people because they're different from them. Also has Damon Albarn every said anything on this matter? Cos his behaviour was pretty foul also. Still, Nardwuar accepted the apology, and we've all done assholey things in our lives (I was very mean to a boy called Isaac once when I was 17 or something and I still feel terrible about it to this day) and sometimes people do change in this world, no matter what pop songs might have you believe, so GOOD FOR DAVE IF THAT'S SOME GENUINE SHIT.

In other news, Nardwuar is following me on Twitter which is basically the greatest thing to have happened all year and bear in mind I had a kid this year. Ha! JOY TO THE WORLD!