Marylin Manson Wearing One Of Wade's Stunners Shirts

Marilyn-Manson-Stunners-T-Shirt See that?

That is a picture of Marylin Manson wearing one of Wade Crescents Stunners T Shirts. Wade's managed to flog a load of these, whihc have clip-art "inspired" bombs and razor blades and stuff on them to some chic booteek in New York. Wade is CLEVER.

So says the Stunners website:

although we can't say we are massive fans of Marilyn Manson, he certainly knows how to pick a fine lady, Rose McGowan is our favorite, and looked smokin' hot in Death Proof until she took a spin with Stuntman Mike. Honorable mention goes to Evan Rachel Wood, but Dita is a bit of a bore and refused Wade vodka in Cannes!

What, she's working at a bar now? And why NOT serve Wade? He's old enough! What a cow!

Rah though. According to my buddy The Zombiehamster, Mazza was RUBBISH at Download, " coked off his tits... Fluffed nearly every song... he forgot the bloody words to The Beautiful People for chirissakes and just garbled, squealed and acted the twat... he was just being a massive douche, phoned in his performance and made everyone sad."

Wade, ban his ass from wearing your T Shirt! NOW!