Marty Friedman ft. Andrew.W.K -「牙」KIBA Andrew's Japanese adventure continues, riffishly. I think he should hook up with Dragonforce. Imagine!

Meanwhile, Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother Of Mankind has a release date, and that is FEBRUARY 22nd! Andrew's label, Skyscraper Music Maker seems to have been shut down and re-named STEEV MIKE, which will add fuel to the conspiracy fires, but seems to me to be the result of the legal problems he was having with the Louise Harland Corporation, his former management people last time I saw him.

Elsewhere, the AWK=NotReaL?!?!?! thing has become a fully fledged MEME, which is impressive, so Andrew recorded a typically Lynchian video response, then released a statement, of which this is a tiny snippet:

Musicians are not acting, we are real people. We are not part of a conspiracy! It's really intense when people are telling you who you are, so I'm going to tell them who THEY are! On behalf of all musicians, the entertainment industry, and everyone else who's ever been falsely accused, YOU ARE NOT HURTING US AND YOU ARE NOT STOPPING THIS. The party will continue! We will endure! It has become too common for musical artists and performers to be labeled as part of some global scam to control the world, or that we're puppets for a larger agenda designed to hurt people. That's why I'm speaking out and loudly declaring: I am not evil and neither are any of my other fellow members of showbusiness. We are here to bring fun and light into the world, not doubt and darkness.

Does Rick Ross count as a musician? Andrew then announced a Q and A session in New York where he promises to answer "anything".