LISTEN: Warren Ellis' SPEKTRMODULE: Podcast 30 – Not Waking

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Woke up in the studio this morning thinking it was the middle of the night cos there's no light in this bunker and reached straight for this baby.

From Warren Ellis, who says:

If you don’t know what you’re looking at: SPEKTRMODULE is a podcast of haunted, ambient and sleepy music I compile for my own amusement.

A minor one to begin the new year, the new run, and to remind myself how I do this.

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1. logotone

2.  “IT DOESNT MATTER” -  Dionysus    (album:  UNEXPECTED PATH)

3.  “FIELDS OF DUST” -  Echo Planar      (EP:  LOW FREQUENCIES)

4.  “Heaven’s Fire” -  Narita Mamoru     (album:  Music for Butoh Dance Improvisation)

5. "Asteroid Taproom” – Neil Campbell    (album: Boomerang is Love)

6.  “Annealing Oceans of Venetian Potions pt i” -   Alabaster Falcons  (album: Alabaster Falcons)

7.  “2-Cavatina” – Larry Lake     (album: CAPAC Musical Portrait QC-1287)

8.  “a rose for the white witch” -    Stag Hare     (album:  Spirit Canoes)

9.  logotone


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