LISTEN: The Kleptones - Uptime/Downtime

OK, so this is what I was listening to when I was drawing this. I asked Twitter for an inspiring and lengthy soundtrack, and Mr. Spoons sent me this.

Uptime/Downtime by The Kleptones.

Bootleg in the middle of remix in the belly of wonder in the womb of The Singularity.

Part one reminded me a little of me - it starts with the same Jim Steinman speech ATD1 was built from, and it explores similar themes of politics, humanity, love, rap, rock n roll and party. Fragments of acapellas bleed into riffs, speeches and monologues. Seemingly unrelated pop songs fall in love and have cute little babies. The whole thing is pulled off with a truly impressive air Skill and Class.

So that was Uptime. A blast. Downtime, however, blew my mind. The same skills and principles as the first, but applied to, well, downtime. Where The Sensation Alex Harvey Band and Nick Drake tumble through hyperspace, dripping reverb and trailing stardust. The sound of dreams. Absolutely fucking ace. and just what I asked for. Cheers guys!

Uptime by The Kleptones

Downtime by The Kleptones