Following a billion songs about weed, half a billion songs about MDMA, and a quarter of a billion songs about acid, the universe gets the entirely unapologetic "actually coke can be super fun" anthem the world was waiting for... and its also the most sincere song RiFF RAFF's done since that one from 2010 about people stealing from his crib in Houston the name of which escapes me and is thus bugging the crap out of me.

Neon Icon is actually dropping then. Amazing. What happened to all those superstar features Jody was claiming tho? A$AP Rocky and Wiz and Drake and so on? What we got, Chance The Rapper and Mac Miller? That's some middle of the mall shit, surely? Not that it matters if the record is as jamming as these singles. And does that mean we'll eventually get the Harry Fraud LP? What about Iced Out My Lighthouse? So many questions.

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