LISTEN: Quietus Mix 12: Drugg Be Good

Swagged out mix action courtesy of The Quietus, who explain:

London's awash with drugs at the moment, ho ho etc, and we've got one of the best of the new drug groups to do us our next mix. It visits the Odd Future gruppe to UK hip hop from London Posse, Konono No.1 to Bardo Pond and Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou; Photek to Tyondai Braxton, Bardo Pond and Teengirl Fantasy. Drugg's new record Shackled is out on Less Music this week. And here's what Drugg's Tom Hanley (no relation, Fall fans) say about the mix: "It starts with Growing which is such a strong tune and gets me going every time, so I knew it had to begin the mix. From there it continues with a mix of hip hop, noisy guitar and experimental stuff and some class music from Africa and Asia and then finishes with a side project I'm in with Joni from Visions of Trees called Thanks that I included in hopes more people will get to hear it!"