LISTEN: Pixel - WOW / Hood Lovely

Pixel - Wow by The Depixion

Daaaamn, Pixel let this one go! We recorded this right here at Don Studios back in 08 for Pixel's Worst Of Pix mixtape that never came out for reasons explained elsewhere on here. It still sounds fucking awesome. Anyway, Pixel has been good enough to add sleevenotes, so let me hand over to Magnum his self:

Recorded in 2008. This song was supposed to be me bowing out the rap game and essentially killing 'Pixel'. Recorded for 'The Worst of Pix' mixtape that never materialised. At the time of recording I was annoyed that I spent all this time on music. Wondering on what could have been. I kind of felt like I was giving Pixel too much attention and Metin was getting lost. The track is pretty dark with suicidal undertones, but the context being kill the rapper and let Metin live. This was real emotionally for the time. "Metin won't even miss me"

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Actually, fuck it, have another. This shit is classic. "I don't need your love, my Mum loves me." POW.

Pixel - Hood Lovely by The Depixion