LISTEN: Mocky ft GZA - Birds of A Feather (Remix)

MOCKY-BOAF-3-1000px So, I got an email off of Mocky last week. He was all like, "yo A to the D, nice work on the Andrew wk gonzo battle dude."

Which was nice of him. But Mocky wasnt just sending me props! Oh no! He was also sending me a little slice of history.

"i got a verse from GZA on a track from my recent " jazz " album," he went on, merrily devoid of capitals or othersuch fripperies. "its kind o crazy. ive attached it for ya. little on the short side but nice to hear the genius in a different context and a definitie first for the canadian crew ... any way been diggin what youv been up to an i thought id give you the scoop.."

He added a pps too.

"pps been checking your vids i really like em , very touching and great lyricism!"

What a nice man to say such things and send me so sweet and dope a song! Sadly, I didn't have time to post it 'till now 'cos I was running away to New York to join the circuis judge a pinao battle. And now I am home, and New York might as well have been a dream. Yet somehow, this song is still real! And it is beautiful! GZA and Mocky - two worlds collide, and its as if it was always thus. This sounds just like Jim Jarmusch's Coffee And Cigarettes scene with the Wu and Bill Murray in it looked...

STREAM: Mocky ft GZA - Birds of A Feather (Remix)

Dope, huh?

The original is from his "jazz album", Saskamodie, which is a very lovely thing indeed, and is out now. Want to know more? Watch on, oh my brothers and sisters.