LISTEN: MC Lars - Indie Rocket Science (Mixtape)

Brand new! Lovingly crafted! Free! It's the long awaited mixtape return of the Venomous Box Jellyfish, AKA my May tourmate and Crispin Glover's Long Lost Brother, MC LAAAAAARS! And he come armed with Deadly Hits and A GALAXY OF STARS! Like KRS-One! Rittz! MC Chris! MC Frontalot! Sage Francis! Weerd Science! AND ME!

Stream and download below for maximum enjoyment. There is some fucking crazy shit on here. I mean, flipping KRS-One, Rittz and MC Chris on a track that enquires, "what's hip-hop? The noise that a bunny makes," for one. WHUT?!

<a href="" _mce_href="">Indie Rocket Science by MC Lars</a>