LISTEN: Max B - Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank (Mixtape)

max-b-public-domain-6-front Stuck behind bars with now way to stop Game from swagger jacking his ass, Max releases part 6 of the Public Domain series. What a great cover! It hasn't got a single money stack, gun, or half nekkid woman on it! This is some kind of motherfucking BREAKTHROUGH! OOOOOOW!

This tape kicks off with some serious bromance between Max B and French Montana, which is a beautiful thing to hear. I aint listened to the wole thing yet, so I can't comment. My girl says it's "boring". I'll update this when I've given it the proper attention.

STREAM: Max B - Hustler (Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Max B - Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank (Mixtape)

1. Walk The Plank - Intro 2. Dead Solver - Max B & Mac Mustard (Prod - Dame Grease) 3. Cake Remix - Max B, French Montana & T.P. (Up North Records) 4. All In One Night - Max B & Mac Mustard 5. Movin On Out The Door - Max B & Hollywood Fergie 6. Cheaper To Keep Her - Max B & Ron Geeda 7. Porno Muzik - Max B 8. Ready To Ride Remix - Max B & Mac Mustard 9. Dirty South - Max B & French Montana 10. Hustler Remix - Max B 11. Starz Is Back - Max B 12. Ct Bitches - Max B, French Montana, & Hollywood Fergie 13. Max & Scar - Max B & Scarlett O Harlem 14. Letter To Stack Bundles - Max B 15. I Never Wanna Go Back - Max B 16. Scream - Max B & Mac Mustard 17. Everything - Max B 18. What You Want From Me - Max B, French Montana & Beanie Sigel