LISTEN: John Doran's Cosmic & E Beat Mix

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Cosmic & E Beat One by The Quietus on Mixcloud

The homie JayDran done did this big ass mix of COSMIC FAK SHIT in honour of this new "social event" Cosmic & E beat thats gwarning in King's Cross. I dunno about social events since I have a great deal of GTAV left to play with before I emigrate my ass off this squalid serf ridden rock, but this mix is fucking awesome, comprised of roughly 68% SHIT THAT'S BRAND NEW TO ME, and could easily provide samples for three mixtapes. High fives all round.

From The Quietus:

Quietus Editor John Doran has launched a new North London social event called Cosmic & E Beat and here's a one hour mix to celebrate the venture. Bliss out to the sounds of William Onyeabor, Warren Zevon, Stara Rzeka, Pinkunoizu, Grumbling Fur, John Fahey and more.

In 2001 Brian Eno said: “There were three great beats in the 70s: Fela Kuti's Afrobeat; James Brown's funk; and Klaus Dinger's Neu!-beat." (Mr Eno is a genius and his mind is always on higher things, so we can overlook the fact he probably meant the beats laid down by Tony Allen, Clyde Stubblefield and Klaus Dinger.)

One can only agree that Funk, Afrobeat and Krautrock form an unbeatably badass trinity. But once you throw in some cosmic synth music, some psychedelic jams and some space rock, you’ve got the basis of a pretty far out night of sounds.

Cosmic & E-Beat will be brought to you on the second Saturday of every month at the King Charles One, Kings Cross by your host John Doran of The Quietus, VICE and NOISEY.

Here are some of the tunes that J-Do is planning on playing along with jams by Fela Kuti, James Brown, La Dusseldorf, Funkadelic, Can, Hawkwind, Circle, Orchestre Poly Rhythmo, the Wild Magnolias, Harmonia, Giorgio Morodor, Patrick Cowley, Cerrone, Tangerine Dream, Harlem Underground...

The King Charles One is within walking distance of Kings Cross, more details here and more details of the event can be found here.