LISTEN: Ghostface Killah - Computer Love

ghostface sketch

Picture by Mark 563

STREAM: Ghostface Killah - Computer Love

A five track sampler of Ghostface's new LP, The Wizard of Poetry just dropped into the ocean of The Internets. This is from that. I don't mind that Gost did this when i've had a version of it in the vaults since 04. Ghost is king.

“It’s my last album so I wanted to do the album I always wanted to do,” Ghost explained in an interview. “You gotta tell the fans that you not gettin’ no younger here, we gettin’ older! And everybody don’t sell crack no more, man. I don’t sell crack, yo. I ain’t movin’ no bricks or none of that other sh*t. I ain’t shoot nobody in like since the early 90’s, man. How long you gonna be 40 years-old and actin’ like you still sellin’ cracks and you on the block and you doin’ this and you doin’ that when times is more serious, man”