LISTEN: Ghostface Killah And Angela Yee On Shade 45

ghostface STREAM: Ghostface Killah on Shade 45

Classic Ghost interview. Dude got in on time - 8:30 am. Mental. He talks about a bunch of stuff, including...

Why there hasn't been a Wu reality show yet: "Shit is serious. You can't be up there on teevee looking like a dick."

His reservations about the Shaolin VS Wu-Tang LP: "It's a possibility. If everything is fucking right B it's all good. I'm not one of them niggas that likes to put albums out that sound like just mediocre yo. I wanna go in 100 and let niggas see my vision. Not that my vision's always the best, but my vision's been working good so far."

Promiscuous women: "...that's what's wrong with our people and shit, they put our women equal to men… We not equal! And that’s coming from me nigga! We not equal, don't put me equal. I was here first! You take one dude home a month, that's 12 dudes you done fucked a year. What you gon' be in 5 years?"

What is it with these rap dudes this week?!

He also talks about the art of making an album, and his regrets regarding Bulletproof Wallets (my favourite Ghost LP), and sounds really sad. Poor Dennis.