Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 17.16.22 Just went for a mid afternoon run up Hollywood Boulevard to Laurel Canyon in the blazing sunshine, high-fived the usual suspects - tiny-dog-walking-strippers, vast-haired Orangu-tanned ex-porn stars, neon bodybuilders, tattooed aspirational bartending actors - got back, banged down this new plant based protein shake I'm trying out cos Whey stuff gunks up your insides and gives you cancer and the shit was flipping DISGUSTING, like, PREHISTORIC CAVEMAN ASSHOLE level disgusting now I'm sat here listening to this Girlfriend of The Year Cake mix tripping the FUCK OUT so I thought I should share cos, shit, this right here is the future bubba, that's what we DO.

(The Blink 182 cover is particularly joyful.)

You're welcome.