LISTEN: Eminem ft. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - 2.0 Boys

Poor ole Shady 1.0, half them dudes never even got their albums out. Stat Quo was supposed to be coming out when I was up in that building.

Around the same time Yelawolf was getting kicked off of Sony. Funny how the game goes.

Anyway, for the record, Eminem bored me as he usually does these days (waits for all the Stans to Google their way in here and scream at me/arguing about the illuminati), and I actually clicked right to the end for Yelawolf's bit, cos he's the only one of these cats that excites me. And you know what? He spat some of his ole Creekwater bars, with his Trunk Music flow. Win for HIM!

PS - How DARE you diss Lex Luger for "using the same drums" Joe Budden, you've been using the same flow for 10 years!