LISTEN: Birdman - 4 My Town (Play Ball) ft Drake & Lil Wayne + I Want It All ft Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne

birdman-priceless STREAM: Birdman feat. Drake & Lil Wayne - 4 My Town (Play Ball)

I can't lie, I like this joint and I listened to two Drake mixtapes today. Fugazi or no, dude got flow.

STREAM: Birdman feat. Lil Wayne & Kevin Rudolf - I Want It All

Did this start life as Sunglasses At Night? I bet it did. Birdbrain slays this joint, it's just eerie. This shit is way better than those British rap records that sound exactly like this, even though the chorus sucks balls. I am not a fan of that Kevin Rudolf geezer.

Rah though, I wasted 5 minutes of my life yesterday watching a behind-the-scenes of Stunner's new video, and half way through he gives Rudolf some diamond encrusted dog tags without looking him the eye once, like, "here you go nigga," and that Kevin dude's all like, "wow, thank you so very much," in this weird nervous voice. It was pretty weird. Getting paid in dog tags > not getting paid mind.